The baby in this video understands an iPad, but she doesn't know how to read a magazine — and that could have some serious implications for the tech of the future.

In response to this post about the ways that technological change is wrapped up with societal change, commenter HollywoodCed, posted a snapshot of a baby using an iPad, adding:

The ease of use of technology to a great extent is making kids of today more savvy and adaptable to tech quicker than ever before.

Charlie Jane Anders

Yeah... babies growing up with iPads. What are they going to be like as adults? They are going to be comfortable with tech in ways that we can barely imagine.


My 14-year-old robot building daughter is already sighing at "kids today" and their ubiquitous technology. It's hilarious.


The conversation reminded me of the video above, with a baby who is perfectly comfortable using an iPad, but is stymied by the magazine. Swiping doesn't turn the page, she can't shrink or expand pictures by pinching the image, and for some reason poking the page completely fails to click the image. As the video notes, for that one year old, "a magazine is just an iPad that does not work. It will remain so her whole life."

What are some of the ways you think tech is going to change, based on the ways that children right now are using it? Give us your take in the comments.