Will Trash Cans That Charge Per Use Just Encourage Littering?

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The Netherlands is rolling out some 6,000 smart garbage cans that can only be used when residents scan an RFID-enabled ID card. Besides monitoring just how much trash someone disposes of, the cans will also measure and charge the user based on how much refuse they tossed.


Alongside the new garbage cans will be recycling bins that don't charge a cent, and the program is designed to encourage users to buy and use products that can be recycled, instead of just tossed, and hopefully reduce the number of thefts of city-issued cans. But given the choice of properly disposing of their trash—and being charged for their courtesy—or just tossing it on the ground and avoiding all the fees, there's a good chance most residents are going to choose the latter, cheaper, and easier route. [The Register via Ubergizmo]


Broken Machine

I recently took a trip to Ontario, and was surprised to find an absolute lack of trash cans ANYWHERE. None at gas stations, nor outside Home Depot. None lining the streets. No litter either, people apparently pack their trash for disposal at home.

It's a culture difference - here, in the U.S. , it wouldn't work. When my local gas station has it's trash cans full (often) people just throw the trash on the ground around the can like it's their right.