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Willem Dafoe Is The Only Sympathetic Green Alien On Mars

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

John Carter Of Mars just got a whole lot creepier. Willem Dafoe has signed on to play Tars Tarkas, the green martian with bug eyes and four limbs. Well if anyone can pull off some insane alien attire, it's Dafoe.

Tar Tarkas befriends the transported Civil War soldier, John Carter when he winds up on Mars. The Tharks are normally an unfeeling race, but Dafoe's character is different — and after deciding not to kill John Carter, the two become friends. Now he must teach his green people peace. Luckily, it's not ss if Willem Dafoe hasn't already tackled even more ridiculous characters. With Andrew Stanton's skills, and a few other perks, this movie could become a huge sensation. But it also could slip away from mainstream audiences pretty easily.


We'll have to wait a long while to see — production supposedly doesn't start until 2010.

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