William Gibson tells us all about his next novel, and the Neuromancer movie! [Updated]

This week on the io9 show, we speak to William Gibson, who tells us that the best way to write about the present is to write about the future — or the recent past. Gibson explains why he had to write three books about the present, before he could go back and create a super-weird future. He also tells us all about the Neuromancer movie — and drops some hints about his new, future-set novel.


This week, it's all about all things Gibson — including why he thought Neuromancer was a "ludicrously optimistic" movie.

Update: Here's the complete unedited 30-minute version of our interview, for those who want more of Gibson's thoughts on science fiction and the universe:

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Corpore Metal

Cyberpunk seems dated to me now, a product of the late 70s and 80s. The Internet is here, China and India are on the rise (And perhaps Africa or the Middle East after that.) and, at least since the Battle of Seattle, groups are justifiably criticizing the unbridled power multinationals have the global economy.

The world has changed so much over the last 30 years.