Need or want a new flashlight? Here's a chance to win one of six (or all six) FOURSEVENS portable illumination devices. Each is one of the nicest lights on the market.

Enter as many of these giveaways as you want. The winner of each will be randomly chosen and contacted by email, so make sure you're giving us a working address. 18+ years old and USA only please.

FOURSEVENS Maelstrom Regen MMR-X

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An 800 Lumen flashlight that recharges via a micro-USB port. The $100 MMR-X is powered by a rechargeable 18650 battery and operated in five modes, with the longest runtime standing at a ridiculous 840 hours.

FOURSEVENS Quark Pro QP2L-X with Burst Mode

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A 780 Lumen light powered by two CR123 batteries, the Quark Pro would make an extraordinarily powerful EDC or outdoors light. Its maximum run time is 600 hours in moonlight mode.

FOURSEVENS Preon Pen Light (Burnt Orange)

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At 180 Lumens, the 2xAAA Preon Pen Light provides more light than you'll ever need in the size and shape of a standard writing pen. That means there's no excuse not to carry it. 30 hours of runtime should get you to that paper jam in the copier with charge to spare.

FOURSEVENS Preon Pen Light (Midnight Blue)

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The same as above, just in a nice blue finish. A $60 value.


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A 252 Lumen EDC light that fits on your keychain and is powered by a single CR123 battery. The longest potential run time is 100 hours.

FOURSEVENS Mini AL + 360 Headlamp Kit

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The Mini AL + Headlamp Kit is an innovative new product, giving you both an outstanding EDC light and a practical, bright, high quality headlamp kit. Take the light off your keychain and secure it in the headlamp mount with a magnet, where its 110 Lumens and 40 hour run time (combined with IPX-8 waterproofness) comfortably exceeds the performance of other headlamps.


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