Wind-Powered Model Helicopter? Go Fly a Kite

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A remote-controlled helicopter, powered by the wind? Well, not exactly. This wind-powered helicopter is more kite than copter, and it needs a pretty stiff wind of at least 13mph to stay aloft.


It does use the same lift principles as helicopters, though. You start its rotors spinning so the craft can lift off, and then you're holding its string and flying it like a kite. With Spring on the way, this might be a good way to celebrate the upcoming thaw, if it ever arrives. It's available now for about $30.

Product Page [Crazy About Gadgets, via The Uber Review]

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I think Gizmodo should run a contest called "Nubile or Senile?" and have entries like this and let folks guess if this is new cool tech or things our grandpappys might have thought was cool.

This can include such never-gets-old gadgetry such as:

the magnetic fuel atomizer that increases MPG

automatic phone recording device

automatic oven cooking programmer

universal battery recharger

wind-powered anything

solar-powered anything