Windows 7 and Windows Live to Have Even More Forced Integration

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In a move that's sure to make the EU giddy at the possibility of levying more fines, Microsoft's been circulating some internal memos brainstorming ways to better connect the next version of Windows with the next version of Windows Live. The author dreams of a system where each user can log into their Live accounts (usually your address) and be automatically connected as you're setting up your computer for the first time.


It also talks about lofty goals like making his for "individuals around the world, designed to help them stay connected...and protected." We read this as forcing people to onto an online system so lousily managed that, according to their own employees, Microsoft has to go and buy Yahoo in order to fix it. [ZDNet]


Fuck me.. looks like Windows 7 is turning out to be another peice of bloatwar.

Screw Windows Live. Does anyone actually use it anyway? Leave it as a download for those few who want it and make the new windows CLEAN.

MS should stop with all these add-ons pre packed into windows and release a version thats just an OS. I don't want/need any of the crap your putting in there, so give me a version without it.

The same goes for Apple. With all the ICrap they're piling into their OS these days it's only a few steps away from being another bloated piece of recourse hogging crap.