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Windows 7 Loading 20% Faster than Vista

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Good news, everyone! According to some real-world testing by Lifehacker, Windows 7 is booting 20% faster than Vista. On an identical system, Vista Ultimate took 37 seconds to boot from operating system selection screen to the login screen. Meanwhile, Windows 7 took just 27 seconds...the exact same time as Windows XP.But actually, since Windows 7 still isn't entirely optimized, we could expect to see even faster loading times than XP. Maybe 26 seconds or 25 seconds. Maybe 24 seconds or 23 seconds. get the point. In fact, Microsoft has achieved internal boot times of just 15 seconds. So getting even lower is a pretty distinct possibility. Of course, this is not a final version of Windows 7, and it could be a lot slower, too, once they add more stuff to the OS's boot profile. But given that Microsoft's objective is to make this a better version of Windows (really, seriously) I'd bet the boot reductions are a true preview of what's to come. [Lifehacker]