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March, 2007: Windows Vista's initial sales are great, "more than doubling" those of its predecessor, Windows XP. Flash forward to November, 2009: Windows 7 initial sales are 234% higher than Vista's. Those numbers sound awfully similar...


What does this all mean? To be honest, not all that much—mostly, it means that there are just more computers out there every year. But what's kind of heartening, to me at least, is that it also means the general public is more and more tech-savvy: An OS release is a huge deal for nerds like us, but it's starting to be a big deal for Joe Sixpack as well. Given that Windows 7-packaged hardware sales are actually lower than Vista-packaged hardware in this time period, it means that people are installing a new OS on existing computers, something that's no big deal for us but could be intimidating for a tech neophyte. So this is a victory for nerds everywhere. Go us! [Microsoft via NYTimes Twitter]

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