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Windows 8 May Force You To Boot Into the UI-Formerly-Known-As-Metro

Illustration for article titled Windows 8 May Force You To Boot Into the UI-Formerly-Known-As-Metro

Don't like Windows 8's new, currently-unnamed, obviously-tablet leaning interface? Too bad. Microsoft is apparently going to make you love it, and step one of the process is forcing you to boot into it, claims ZDnet.


Citing Rafael Rivera, Windows enthusiast and co-author of "Windows 8 Secrets" Rafael Rivera, ZDnet says that Windows 8 users will not be presented with the option to boot into the traditional desktop mode, according to ZDNet. Instead, all users will boot into the tiles, and head to desktop mode from there if they must. Such a move wouldn't be too surprising; Microsoft seems pretty sweet on its tiles, despite dissent.

So far, the desktop booting ban has yet to be confirmed or denied by Microsoft, but if it is the case, this could be the final nail in the coffin for Windows 8 use in enterprise. It's already unlikely that the new OS will see much pickup in the business world, and requiring users to be routed through the tiles at launch is only going to make it that less appealing for traditionalists. Everything Microsoft has done so far implies they're going all or nothing on this new interface. There's no reason to expect this to be an exception. [The Next Web via ZDNet]

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I have the Windows 8 release beta on my desktop, and at first I was very skeptical. But I kept using and I adapted, and guess what? The tile setup actually works really, really well, I hardly use the desktop environment on my desktop now. So honestly people, try the new stuff out before you get all huff-puffy because its different than what you have. Heck, isn't the point of technology to change and get better? How are we going to get better technology if we keep slaving ourselves to some old belief on "what works"; doubters sound like my parents and grandparents, " I know whats best because that is what I did back in my day."