Windows Mobile 7.0 Might Be in Beta Now, on Phones in April 2010

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Windows Mobile 7 might be sneaking into beta right now, based on the LinkedIn profile of a Chinese Senior Engineer at Motorola. I certainly hope this speculation proves true—it means less time living with Windows Mobile 6.5.


Looks like LinkedIn might be working well for Hand Huang's because his profile certainly caught some attention for this little blurb (emphasis mine):

3. Joining Caesar product development, lead a team to do telephony feature and other applications development. Migrated relative applications from Windows Mobile 6 to Windows Mobile 7

Language: C++
Tools: VS2008, AKU, Platform Builder
Runtime Environment: Windows Mobile 7.0 (Beta)

According to Ars Technica, Huang might not just be fluffing up his resume. The timeframe seems about right for WinMo 7 to hit beta testing since it's been in development for years and there'd been a search for internal testers in the recent months. The timeline Ars lays out based on this information is that testers would truly be seeing the OS in November of this year, while we would see it out in the wild in April of 2010. The dates are loose and based on rumors, but when isn't that the case?

The way I see it is that WinMo 7 is pretty much Microsoft's last hope for a decent mobile OS, so I certainly hope this is true, shortening the time we'll have to endure Windows Mobile 6.5. [Ars Technica]


Orange Exige

I don't get why everyone bitches about WinMo. I think it's great as it is, and fanboyism aside, I'd still rather have my Vogue than an iPhone.

Of course I won't mind an OS upgrade, but it's not bad now. I never use my stylus, and I'm running 6.1 -no TouchFlo2D- on a 2.8 in screen.