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Windows Mobile App Marketplace Now Open to All 6.x Phones

Illustration for article titled Windows Mobile App Marketplace Now Open to All 6.x Phones

However you feel about Windows Mobile 6.5, chances are you don't have it, so you (probably) haven't been able to try out the new Marketplace for Mobile. Starting today—earlier than promised!—anyone with a 6.x handset can access it.


Microsoft's take on an app store got off to a timid start, so the accompanying news that the catalog has hit 800 apps is definitely promising, as is the expanded userbase: now that the millions of 6.0 and 6.1 handsets are part of the Marketplace's potential userbase, developers will be more enthusiastic about actually developing for it.


And even if it's not quite up to speed yet, it's a much easier way to find the basics than scavenging the app download hellscape that is the Greater Internet, and some of Microsoft's new codeveloped apps—Facebook, in particular—are pretty great. You can download by pointing your WinMo phone's browser to [Windows Team Blog]

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Yay, piracy for all versions of Windows Mobile! #windowsmarketplaceformobile