Windows Phone 7 Emulator Shots Show Inconsistent Vision

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It's unclear whether the task manager and file explorer found in these Windows Phone 7 emulator screens will make it to the final release, or if it will live only in emulators and debug versions of Windows Phone. Here's why we're wondering.


Windows Phone 7 is supposed to be a step away from Windows Mobile 6.x, heading more toward iPhone in strategy in that it's simplified and masks all the "computery" stuff behind applications that know what you want and how you want to do it.


File browsing is one thing that Apple definitely does not show on your iPhone. If you want to find your photos, go to the photo viewer. If you want to set a wallpaper, go to the wallpaper settings (or to the photo itself, since wallpapers are just that). If you want access to your Office docs, open up Office. And so forth.

Task manager is another oddity. Why does Windows Phone show off the running tasks if task management is irrelevant anyway, seeing as the phone isn't going to be multitask-capable (at least at launch).

In any case, these are some questions that make us wonder what exactly the strategy is going to be for the final version of Windows Phone, and whether or not some Windows Mobile guy got his way and shoved all this old style application/file management stuff in there. [Pocket Now]

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The pure iPhone strategy really only works if the user has absolutely no direct access to the storage space. If Window 7 phones are going to support SD cards then people are going to want to be able to see the file structure they set up.

In Android you're really never required to use a file browser, but I'm certainly thrilled that you can download one as an option. I don't think there's anything wrong with that approach. Even my wife who isn't computer savvy at all uses the file manager from time to time.