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Windows Phone Has 100,000 Apps Now. Is That Impressive or Embarrassing?

Illustration for article titled Windows Phone Has 100,000 Apps Now. Is That Impressive or Embarrassing?

Windows Phone just passed the 100,000 app milestone. Which sounds like a lot, until you think about it and then it sounds like a very small amount indeed. So which is it?


Well, iOS has almost 600,000, while the Google Play store has 500,000. Windows Phone took 20 months to get to 100,000, while iOS took 16 months, and Android took 24. So just about even growth-wise, right? Well, maybe. There are significantly more users and developers at this point than when the iPhone and Android were cutting their teeth, so maybe a steeper buildup should be expected.

WP fares worse when you look at quality: just 12 percent of apps have more than five US ratings. That number isn't awful awful, but it underlines the fact that there are very few quality apps, and Microsoft's had to resort to bribing bigtime apps to have third parties develop WP versions. Which of course backfires, because the apps usually turn out to be unreliable and abandoned.


Regardless of the speed of arrival, all Windows Phone apps need to get better. And their performance—or perceived performance—is just as much a product of WP itself being an inhospitable platform for third party developers as it is about a pure lack of developing might. Here's hoping the jump to WP8 and the new Windows 8 kernel will solve some of that. [All About Windows Phone]

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Eh, I was on iOS for 3 years. 90% of the apps were bs garbage or games. I've only recently begun to use Android, extensivly anyway, via my touchpad (thanks cyanogenmod team!) And have come to find the same thing. Now this isn't meant to ignore the app issue on WP7, but I will say this...I am alarmed at the lack of useful, ingenuitive applications on ALL the platforms. Seriously, outside of news and some productivity apps I find the selection of quality apps on both iOS and Android to be sparse.

The problem that WP7 faces is not its overall lack of applications, but its lack of what I will cal the "core" smartphone apps. It's the angybirds issue. There are certain applications that just about every smartphone owner uses because they make then general things you would use a smartphone for easier. I'm talking apps like urbanspoon, major banking applications, mint and financial apps, instagram (though wp7 includes most of this functionality on the OS level)...I'm kind of drawing a blank on others off the top of my head but you get the idea. If WP7 could make it a point to get the top 30 or so apps from iOS and Android and entice their developers to support them into the future, most people wouldnt notice the volume issue.