Windows Vista 32-Bit CAN Play HD DVD, Blu-ray Movies

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An update to our earlier post, it turns out the 32-bit version of Windows Vista can play next-gen protected high definition content. Microsoft reps said Senior Program Manager Steve Riley was mistaken when he told a group of Australian developers that Vista couldn't handle the high definition movies.

But the Microsoft representatives said the support will come from third party HD DVD/Blu-ray movie playback software developers like CyberLink who already make DVD playback software. It's up to these developers to determine whether the environment they have set up will meet the environment criteria the "content owners" impose on manufacturers. So that probably no next-gen playback for Vista out of the box.


Vista to support HD DVD, Blu-ray after all? [CNET]

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From what I remember the slashdot article (my short term memory isn't what it used to be :)) it was a question of playing back HD at full resolution over (I guess) a digital video out. I suppose that this correction goes along the way "sure you will be able to play HD movies on x32, just not at full digital HD quality".

Then again, I could be wrong.