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Okay, some people thought Microsoft was bonkers for making the Xbox 360 available in two different styles, but now there is word that Windows Vista will be available in eight different styles. Here is a very confusing rundown.

Windows Starter 2007: Not Vista at all because it doesn t include the Aero graphics and will only be shipping as a 32-bit version.
Window Vista Home Basic: This will be available in a North American (N) and European (EU) version. Pretty much like XP Home. They are forcing two versions because the Euros have antitrust rulings against Microsoft that do not allow a media player to be included.
Windows Vista Home Premium: This one is similar to Media Center Edition. It will include functionality of the Home Basic release with media functionality out the wazoo.
Windows Vista Business: Think of it like an XP Pro that is aimed towards IT people. It will also have two different releases depending on country.
Windows Vista Enterprise: This is like a super-operating system. It will have all of the goodness of its lower counterparts while also including features like virtual PC, multi-language support and advanced encryption technologies.
Windows Vista ULTIMATE: This is the top dog. It supposedly does everything you could ever want in an operating system, and make you some toast. All of the functionality of all of it's Vista counterparts and it has ultimate in the name, who could go wrong with an operating system like this.


So which one do you want? Vista Home Premium is looking pretty sexy for the average home usage. Guess we will have to wait and see.

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