Windows Vista Beta 2 Sucks

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Columnist Gary Krakow informs the world that Vista Beta 2 "was one of the worst operating system experiences that I've ever encountered." While this bit of ungrammatical hyperbole is purely subjective, we're slowly getting the feeling that the big V is going to blow a donkey.

Writing for MSNBC, Krakow informs us that the beta version is difficult to handle and that all the prettiness is lost on those with even a passing awareness of OS X. Granted, this was a Beta version, he was trying to drop it onto a laptop, and he got an early, early build, but excuses are excuses. Why drop a Beta release if it's not even decent?

It took me days to install a working version on a new Lenovo ThinkPad X60 laptop with 2GB of memory and all sorts of built-in wireless networking. I tried installing it as an update to the laptop's Windows XP — but after four hours of churning away the laptop shut down and wouldn't reboot.


We'll give it a try next week, probably, and let you know what's up. Otherwise, we're not holding our breath.

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