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WinPho Users Might Be Without Google Cal/Contacts Sync for Up to Six Months

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

New Windows Phone users will be left out in the cold after January 30th asnewly connected Google accounts will no longer work through Exchange ActiveSync. Something we've known since last December, which caught Microsoft by "surprise". But fret not, Microsoft is scrambling to push out an update that will support Google's CardDAV and CalDAV system.


What's more surprising, though, is that Microsoft has apparently known this was coming since last summer, says The Verge.

So what does this mean for anyone who starts using a Windows Phone after the 30th? Well, you'll have a tough time syncing your Google Calendar and Contact details. For those of you who have it set up already, you should be in the clear as current users wont be affected by the change. (But don't think about wiping your phone and starting fresh because that will put you in the dark.) Paid Google Apps users will also experience no problem whatsoever.


It's interesting that Google gave Microsoft a heads up given what's happened more recently between the two companies.

The catch here is that between, possibly, a slow developing team and an even more nightmarish carrier roll-out process, Microsoft is requesting a six month extension on the ActiveSync expiration to make sure it's as smooth a transition as possible. The silver lining is that the first update for Windows Phone 8, "Portico", rolled out relatively fast so, the question is, how far along are they on implementing the next update? [The Verge]