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Wireless Sensor Reminds You There's Stuff On Your Car Before You Drive Into a Garage and Destroy It

Illustration for article titled Wireless Sensor Reminds You Theres Stuff On Your Car Before You Drive Into a Garage and Destroy It

If you're familiar with the crunching sound of bikes, kayaks, or other gear strapped to the roof of your car that's just been destroyed as you absentmindedly pull into a garage, you'll appreciate this HeadsUp sensor system that will stop such catastrophes from happening again.


The starter kit includes a couple of waterproof sensors you strap to your roof-mounted gear before you head home, an in-car audible alarm, and an LED visual alert sign you hang at the back of your garage. The next time you pull into your driveway and open the garage door, the sensors on your gear will detect a signal emitted from the LED sign and will trigger both the audible alarm and the flashing LEDs. And at least one of them should remind you there's stuff on your roof well before you get near the entrance to your garage. Think of it as $170 worth of insurance that's going to stop your considerably more expensive gear from getting destroyed. [HeadsUp Systems via Gear Junkie]

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When I put bikes on my bike rack, I move my garage door remote as a reminder to myself. I usually remember, but if I happen to forget when I get home, not finding my remote in the usual place always reminds me. Then after I take the bikes off the roof I move the garage door opener back to its home.

It isn't nearly as high tech, but it works perfectly. You can't drive into the garage if the door isn't open, or if you do, you have more to worry about than the stuff on top.