Withings' New Pulse Adds an O2 Monitor So You Can Breathe Easy

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Last year, Withings' Pulse fitness monitor impressed us with the plethora of data it collects—including, as the name suggests, your pulse. This year's update adds yet one more handy feature: a blood oxygen monitor. Mountain climbers, now you can breathe easy.

The newly-released Pulse O2 uses a nifty rear-mounted lens and light to monitor your respiratory function. Mounted in the new, handy wrist strap shown above, it's always at the ready to tell you your blood-oxygen level. It's great for keeping tabs on your data-driven workouts—or, for making sure you're not about to pass out if you're exerting yourself at high altitudes, or you've got asthma or another breathing problem.

In addition, the new Pulse O2 measures all the vitals that last year's model tracked: steps taken, stairs climbed, elevation, calories burned, sleep patterns, and (when touched to your skin) heart rate. And like last year's, it uses Bluetooth Low Energy to sync to your smartphone. With the addition of the O2 monitor, the price goes up a smidge, to $120. [Withings via Engadget]

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This would also be very useful in monitoring O2 deprivation during sleep for those with sleep apnea, or suspect they might have it prior to a doctors visit.