Wolfram Alpha Ends Up Where It Belongs: Inside Another Search Engine

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Results from Wolfram Alpha—the mathematically-inclined search engine that everybody hyperventilated about a few months ago then promptly and completely ignored—will soon be rolled into Bing searches. This is fantastic news! (If you use Bing! [Which you actually might!])


Wolfram Alpha will still live on as a standalone site, since Microsoft is just licensing their search API for Bing. And to be fair, this is what most people—including us—envisioned for Wolfram Alpha from the start:

I'm aware of the theoretical differences between the two, and I'm sure Wolfram Alpha's creators' blood would boil at the thought, but the engine's most natural home might be as a direct complement to Google, as a tab on their homepage or as a replacement for their modest current nonsearch functions.

Well, uh, almost. Maybe this'll be a good time to give Bing another shot? [CNET]


Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

I like Bing but it's not any better or anything than Google and I'm so used to using Google for everything that I have no need to switch over. The only feature I do tend to always use is Bird's Eye View which is much better than satellite view. I have noticed that although Bing is supposed to be the decision engine, I find it's shopping search to be much worse than Google shopping/products. Having Wolfram Alpha associated with Bing will likely make me go there more frequently than I currently do, but not all that much. #wolframalphabing