Wolverine ESP is the first 'Prosumer' PMP

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First off, where does Wolverine get off inventing their own words? Prosumer is just a fancy combination of professional and consumer. This PMP has a 3.6-inch screen, 80GB or 120GB hard drive, TV-in and an FM radio. It can also accept memory cards via the 7-in-1 card reader. Prices for this lametastic (see I can make up words too) PMP begin at $400.

Seriously, what makes this PMP any more professional than any of the other hundreds of PMPs out there? Wolverine should be ashamed of themselves for 1. Taking the name of a badass Marvel character and 2. Trying to pass off this ESP as a greater-than-average, professional PMP.


Wolverine Data Introduces ESP Prof PMP with TV Recording and FM Radio [Mobile Tech Review]

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