Wolverine's Special Ops Team Needs Help With Their Special Jokes

The first of what we hope are many Deadpool jokes, courtesy of the third Wolverine TV spot. Also, who's that jock-esque boy with the special sunglasses? Possible spoilers below.

Hello, young Cyclops. And yay for more Gambit dance-fighting. It looks like these throw down battles are going to be pretty all-over-the-place spectacular. Sabretooth is still selling me on his dedication to destroying Logan's life (especially with his crazed wall-scaling fighting maneuvers). But my question is, since everything that is going to happen in this movie is pretty much explained in the trailers, is this whole movie just about the fights and the Deadpool jokes? If so, hopefully some of Wade's wisecracks are going to be a bit closer to his Joe Kelly-era level of funniness.


X-Men Origins: Wolverine TV opens May 1st


Chris Braak

Look, uh...based on what I'm seeing...

I would not really have any problem if this whole movie was just fights and Deadpool jokes.

I think that this is a perfectly valid way to make a Wolverine movie.