Woman Caught Smuggling Cocaine Inside Her Breasts

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A woman has been arrested by airport police carrying almost three pounds of cocaine in her breasts. Not in her bra, no—inside her breasts. You can see the cocaine implants in this image. They are 1.5 pounds each.


The woman was traveling from Bogotá, Colombia, to El Prat airport, in Barcelona, Spain. The police thought she was suspicious when she failed to convincingly answer questions at the border control. A female agent took her to a room for a strip search. At that point, she noticed some bloody bandages under her breasts.

When asked about them, the woman said she just had plastic surgery to enlarge her breasts. Not convinced, the agent removed the bandages and saw that there were no stitches, just two open wounds on each breast. The bags you see here were clearly visible from the outside, through the open skin and flesh.

She was then immediately transferred to a nearby hospital, where the two plastic bags were removed, containing 3 pounds (1.337 kilograms) of pure cocaine. [El Mundo (In Spanish)]

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Brent Rose

Holy crap this is horrible and sad. And weird. All of those things.