Wonder Woman 1984's New Trailer Reveals Friends and Furry Foes

A new villain emerges.
A new villain emerges.
Photo: Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. has just dropped the newest trailer for the long-awaited Wonder Woman sequel at DC FanDome, what feels like a lifetime after we were first meant to see the film release earlier this year (thanks, global pandemics!).


We’ve been waiting a long, long time for this, but just like Max Lord claims he can, we’re finally getting what we wanted: a brand new look at Diana of Themyscira’s next big adventure. And, most importantly, her new villain.

Set decades after the events of the first movie, Wonder Woman 1984 sees Diana (Gal Gadot) attempt to live a sheltered life, operating in secret as Wonder Woman while keeping people at arm’s length, still mourning the loss of her love, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine). But when a mysterious man named Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal) starts claiming he can give the world everything they desire, Diana finds herself reunited with Steve...and having to face the consequences of what happens when those around her seek power they didn’t know they really wanted.

That goes especially so for Kristen Wiig’s Barbara Ann Minerva, a book shy friend of Diana’s who we finally see make her transformation here into the villainous Cheetah, one of Wonder Woman’s most enduring foes in the comics. It’s a fight we can’t wait to see unfold, and hopefully we won’t have to wait much longer than we already have: Directed by Patty Jenkins, Wonder Woman 1984 is currently set to hit theaters October 2.

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And hold up this movie has been on pause for a hot minute but the CG on Ms. Cheetah is not looking too good. Her design is awesome but that CG of her is not good. Gadot’s delivery of “Barbara, what did you do” is so bland. Act girl, ACT!