World of Warcraft Seems Like Kind of a Silly Hobby

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World of Warcraft player/dorkmaster supreme Prepared has caved to his smack addiction-like dependence on WoW and created 36 separate accounts that he plays simultaneously on an epically ridiculous rig. He claims to spend over $5700 per year just on the game, and plans to pick up 36 copies of the new expansion pack Wrath of the Lich King when it's released. I've never played World of Warcraft. I'm not sure if the abbreviation is pronounced by spelling out the letters W-O-W or if you just saw "wow." It seems like the kind of thing where you have to know the difference between an elf and an orc, and I gotta be honest, I just don't care. But this is so over-the-top that I'm almost interested in finding the one true ring or banging lady-dwarves or whatever you do in that game. Prepared's setup features a whopping seven separate laptops, four desktops hidden away under the desk, and an array of screens that's disorienting even in a static image. He might be the only person on earth who's capable of using the 15-button mouse. Prepared claims that $5700 a year is reasonable for a hobby, and he's totally right. I can think of at least three hard drugs that would be more expensive. Edit: I've been informed that our industrious nerd is not Bradster but Prepared. Sorry for the commotion this must have caused Bradster and his family. [Ripten via Crunchgear]


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Never really understood the appeal of W.O.W or other similar MMOR games- There's no end to the game so you can never truly complete it.

Coo!l I can explore this alternate universe and battle wizzards, orcs, night elf mohawks, yadda yadda ya and increase my magic power, super powers or other inane abilities to battle against yet more foes to increase my level zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......... back in the real world I'm out partying and having fun with real people.

My biggest gripe with these games is the god awful explosion of 'leet speak'. It was bad enough when hackers started it but now geeks on WOW- pwned ZOMG!11!!!11!! 1337 ROFLMAO. Fuck off and learn to type properly when talking to someone in-game.

Anyone that uses such language should be shot.