World War II-era Plane Crashes at West Virginia Air Show

Just a day after an air show crash took the lives of three nine people in Reno, Nevada, another plane went down during yet another air show. This crash took place during the Thunder Over the Blue Ridge show in Martinsburg, WV.

The WWII-era T-28 crash during a routine at around 2:30 this afternoon. The pilot was, sadly, killed in the crash. Thankfully no other people were hurt. More details to come. [Washington Post]

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Tragically there is a long history of air show crashes and killed or injured spectators. Airplanes carry a lot of kinetic energy and use relatively small forces to control it. It develops that the Reno crash was caused by a failed elevator trim tab no wider than your hand. Lots of things can cause the airplane to go out of control and deliver all that energy to whatever it hits. Airshows are just a dangerous place to be. Holding a good thought for the injured and families of those killed.

The picture is the memorial to the 70 people killed at the Ramstein airshow crash in 1988.