World's First Lego Electric Wheelchair Can Support a Two Hundred Pound Passenger

It's not going to get you anywhere in a hurry, but Simon Burfield's joystick-controlled electric wheelchair is built from the ground up using just Lego. What's even more impressive is that the chair can carry someone up to 200 pounds in weight, as long as there aren't any obstacles for it to traverse.

Controlled by six Lego Mindstorm NXT computers, the chair is able to move forwards and back, turn, and even strafe left to right thanks to a special set of multi-directional wheels from a company called Rotacaster. So technically, the chair isn't 100 percent made of Lego, but it's probably not worth faulting this awesome creation for that tiny nitpick.


[Burf's Crazy Lego Inventions via Make]

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