World's First Wireless, Internet-Connected Pacemaker Installed

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Bionic people of the world rejoice, for your heart ticks and booms booms will be transmitted through the internet from now on. A New York woman has got the world's first wireless pacemaker, which allows constant remote monitoring via web:

If there is anything abnormal, and we have a very intricate system set up, it will literally call the physician responsible at two in the morning if need be. It is a tremendous convenience for the patient from even interacting with a telephone to call the doctor. On a larger scale it enhances our ability to pick up and evaluate any problems with their pacemaker and certain other rhythm disorders that could be potentially dangerous or life threatening in ways we really could not do before.

That's what Dr. Steven Greenberg —director of St. Francis' Arrhythmia and Pacemaker Center—says, predicting that this will change the way people with heart problems manage their condition, and interact with their doctors. Happy news indeed. [PC Magazine]