World's Largest Commercial Jet, Airbus A380, Makes Maiden Voyage (Video)

The Airbus A380, the biggest commercial jetliner ever put into production, at long last took its first trip—and it didn't hit any icebergs. Out of a possible 850 travelers, 450 were on board in this seven-hour Singapore Airlines trip from, well, Singapore all the way to Sydney. This means that, today Airbus officially steals the Sizemodo trophy from Boeing, even though, as the delayed 787 demonstrates, the future of commercial airlines may not be determined by the size of the planes. [BBC News]


It might not be ultramodern, but the Antonov AN-225 is still king when it comes down to raw size, strength, and capacity. It also looks way cooler than the newcomer, IMHO.

They should have put the cockpit on the upper deck of the A380... It looks like it has hydrocephalus. Still, it's nowhere near as ugly as the "beluga" used to transport its parts.