World's Most Efficient Flexible OLED Printed on Plastic, and more from TreeHugger

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This week, solar chargers that tweet, steampunk-style lamps made from pipes and beer bottles, DARPA recycling space junk, lightbulbs made from paper, and more!


1. World's Most Efficient Flexible OLED Printed on Plastic (Video)
Researchers at the University of Toronto have made a major push in the printing of flexible OLED surfaces, something electronics manufacturers can't wait to see hit commercial scale.

2. Rocketeer Rocket Pack from Trash
ModMischief has created a DIY Rocketeer Rocket Pack that has a great steampunk style, and will cost you practically nothing as long as you also have some glue and spray paint laying around.

3. Steampunk Style Lamps Made From Plumbing Pipes and Beer Bottles
ZAL Creations of Chicago joined Etsy this summer to start selling their lamps. But not just any lamps. Fantastic lamps made of recycled materials, from pipes and plumbing fixtures to beer bottles as bulb shades.

4. Lightbulbs Made of Paper Eliminate Packaging
Designer Tien-Ho Hsu has come up with a concept idea to reduce the amount of waste created by lightbulbs and their packaging.

5. Wooden Skin Gives Heirloom Feel to Popular New Camera
We've heard of bamboo- and wood-covered computers, keyboards, and even cell phones, but cameras? This is the first I've seen of them and they look gorgeous.

6. YouTube Killed The TV (infographic)
An interesting infographic from FreeMake calls out YouTube as the winner in a smackdown between online content and television sets.


7. How Computer Hardware Is Tied Up With Climate Change
As Thailand struggles with flooding, electronics companies are facing a drought of products.

8. DARPA Wants to Recycle Space Junk Into New Satellites (Video)
DARPA wants to send mini-satellites up into orbit to snag parts off old defunct machinery floating in orbit, and use those parts to build new satellites!


9. Solar Still Makes Water Purification Easy, Works Like an Upside-Down Coffee Maker
It requires neither filters nor electricity and purifies 5 liters of water a day.

10. iPod Creators Design The Perfect Thermostat That Learns Your Habits
You never have to actually program it — eventually, it just knows.


11. Solar Charger Tweets How Much Energy You're Gathering From The Sun
What could make solar chargers even more interesting? How about if they tweet out how much energy you're gathering so that you can boast to your friends how awesome you are?



I hate to say it, but the Rocketeer jetpack made from trash... looks like it was, well, made from trash. But hey, it's almost free! Plus, it would probably make a pretty cool kid's costume.