Would Anybody Else Prefer a Cadre of Streaming Net Boxes to Cable?

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I was looking at my cable bill today and becoming deeply angry at the fact that I have to subscribe to a suite of Cantonese channels in order to get The Cartoon Network. The hell? I don't even speak Cantonese.

So I got to digging and it turns out that if I connect enough streaming net boxes (Rokus, WDTVs, etc), subscribe to the proper services (Netflix, Hulu+, NHL Season Pass, HBO Go), I can keep getting a good majority of my normal programming for a small fraction of my monthly cable bill. Problem is—I'd have a shit-ton of boxes on top of my TV, an equal number of remotes, and a magnitude more of headaches trying to get everything to play nice on my network.

So, if it were technically feasible—ie you have access to solid broadband speeds—would you ditch your cable box in favor of a cadre of net boxes and the increased operational complexity if it means paying 70 percent less each month? Or does the convenience of a single-box counter the thirty channels you have to scroll through but can't understand? And if you actually have gone the net box route, let us know how you did it in the comments.


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