Would-Be Halo Movie Director Shows the Alien Ghettos of District 9

Remember those incredible live-action Halo shorts? Well, that director has his first full-length movie coming out, and it looks downright badass.

Neill Blomkamp originally made the Halo shorts with Peter Jackson as proof of concept for the Halo movie that he was supposed to direct. As it was to be his first film, the studios got nervous, and now that film looks unlikely to be made. So instead he made a movie based on his own ideas rather than Bungie's.


So not only is Neill Blomkamp at the helm, but he's again got Peter Jackson's WETA doing the special effects for him. As for the story, it's about a world where aliens have landed and settled on Earth. They want to leave, but we humans brilliantly make them second-class citizens and put them in ghettos while we try to figure their advanced technology out. Things don't go well.

The movie is based on a non-Halo-related short film that Blomkamp made that you can see here. District 9 comes out on August 14th, and I will be seeing it that night.

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