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Would You Actually Wear the iPod's New Lanyard?

Illustration for article titled Would You Actually Wear the iPods New Lanyard?

Yes, the iPod Touch has been updated and it's better than ever. And the feature Apple is trumpeting from the rooftops? A Loop. A loop that goes around your wrist. Because that's how clumsy you are.


The burning question is, would any of you actually use this? Maybe you'd strap it to your kid if you were letting them play with it? Or if you were, I dunno, boating or something? Chime in.

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Brent Rose

Let me start off with, No, I wouldn't. It's not a rugged point-and-shoot camera. And if I'm going to be working out with it, I'd get some sort of active strap or put it in my pocket. I wouldn't keep it in my hand or have it swinging around off of my wrist, bashing my precious elbows.