Would You Buy a $100, Open Source, Android Gaming Console Designed by Yves Behar?

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The Ouya is a concept for a completely open sourced and hackable Android game console designed by Yves Behar (the guy who designed the Jambox and OLPC). When it arrives (if ever), $100 will buy you the box, a developer's kit, and all the free games you can play.


The vision is that any developer will be able to publish their games on the platform, free of charge, but all the games will be free to play as well. I have a difficult time seeing how this could possibly work out but I'd love to be convinced otherwise. What say you? [via The Verge]



This is a fantastic idea. Especially when you consider the device as its own unique entity, not as a direct competitor with anything else. It seems that this little box, and the distribution infrastructure built around it, could inspire a homebrew game design revolution, much like the early days of computer game development. Instead of distributing your little game on 5.25" floppies in ziplock baggies with xeroxed cover art, you'd be using a seamless online platform. But the development would be the same, with individuals or small teams of enthusiasts just making games for the fun of it, and to learn more about computer programming and game design. In other words, a console made specifically for amateur/enthusiast designers.

My one hope (and I know it will probably be dashed) is that, if this thing comes out, it won't be based on some stupid advertising model. I'd rather pay a monthly subscription than have it be a horrible commercial-fest.