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Would You Eat a Burger Made from Poop?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This is a poopburger. As in, made from shit. I'm not even kidding, the Japanese extracted protein from human poop, mixed it with soya, added steak sauce and called it hamburger patties. Are you throwing up yet? Cause I did.

Mitsyuki Ikeda, the mad scientist behind this foul mashup, says some people may have a psychological aversion to eating fake meat made from poop. I think he's wrong. ALL people will have a psychological aversion. Sure, we all make jokes that fast food burgers taste like crap but we still don't want to actually eat crap, dude.


Ikeda, to his credit, created these poop burgers in an effort to be resourceful and recycle human waste. He realized if he could use "sewage mud", which is poop (you know you're in trouble when the euphemism of a word is just as bad as the word itself) and is everywhere, to formulate his burgers he could be completely efficient. Right now the burgers cost 10-20 times of regular meat because it factors in his research costs, the price will drop if there's enough demand. I never thought I had to ask this question but would you eat a burger made from poop? [INHABITAT]