Would You Rather Stand Or Sit At Your Desk All Day?

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The latest office trend sweeping the nation is stand up desks, according to the Wall Street Journal. A growing number of employees at companies like Facebook and Google are tossing aside their chair and asking to work while standing.


The stand-up desk has a raised surface that is the proper height for a person to stand and type. Though it looks uncomfortable to stand all day, it may provide a healthy alternative to sitting which is thought to cause obesity, blood clots and premature death.

Business are not the only one caught up in this craze. Some schools are also trying out these unconventional desks. Besides health concerns, the stand up desks let kids burn off some of their fidgety energy which may improve the student's academic performance. [WSJ and Care2]



Or you could get the best of both worlds with an adjustable desk. I'm using one of those at work and have the ability to choose whenever I want between sitting and standing. I can't say I've ever stood for a whole day, but there's also few days when I sit though the entire day.