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Would You Sleep in a Floating Tent Hanging Off a Tree?

Illustration for article titled Would You Sleep in a Floating Tent Hanging Off a Tree?

Can you imagine sleeping in a portaledge aka a floating freaking tent? It's beyond scary. Look at it! You have to trust the tree branch, the rope attached to the tree branch, your weight and the material of the tent.


But this is a thing. Apparently, crazy people go to High Ropes Forest, Germany so they can sleep in these seemingly floating tents. I'm tripped out at how unreal these photos look, I mean, is this really possible? How do you even get inside a tent? How do you leave? How do you enjoy the company of your loved one? Okay fine. If I set aside my questions (and my fears) for a second, I can say, there's probably not a more picturesque place to rest your head. [Waldseilgarten via JayMug]

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It would be interesting, sure, but I'm not understanding the frank terror expressed by some people concerning this.

This is how high-altitude climbers sleep, hanging off the side of a cliff-face, and that's a whole helluva lot higher up.

I'm as far removed from a "macho-man" as one can be and still have an attached penis, but I guess I never really have had an issue with heights.