It has more or less become fact that when you pay money to travel on an airplane, you're subscribing yourself to probable gropage, uncomfortable seats, shoddy service, a few degrees of recline comfort and nuked sludge as food (if there is food). It's not pleasant. It's not futuristic. It's not fun. What if airplanes were a little bit more adaptable? Starting with the seats.

This concept design for airplane seats, designed by Seymourpowell, show an economy seat that can be re-arranged, flexed, fit and morphed to your liking. The idea is to provide something more customizable than your usual stodgy seats. Seymourpowell writes:

It is still a standard product, but it can adapt to the changing needs of the passenger. Morph uses smart architecture to adjust both the width of the seat, and individually control seat pan height and seat pan depth to suit varying sizes of passenger.


It might work. But judging from the incompetence of most airlines, it probably never will.