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Wow, this might be the best video of a wingsuit flight ever

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Videos of wingsuit flights are never not awesome but this one just might be the best. And it's not because of the snow. Though the beautifully fresh powder helps. And it's not because Dan Vicary, the flying man in the video, zips around for three miles. Though the astonishing views certainly don't hurt. But it's because when you're watching the video, you realize that this is all being filmed by another flying man in a wingsuit. Someone is flying a few feet behind capturing every second of this flight.

That someone would be Brian Drake and the camerawork is beyond excellent. Usually we see the flight from their perspective or get shots from cameras that are far away or have footage that is a little bit shaky, it's rarely as awesome like this. It feels like you're flying with him the entire time. Watch it below on EpicTV.


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