Wunderbar Serves up the Draft Brewskis Three Ways

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That thirst for an ice cold beer is welling up big-time as we look at this trio of home beer-dispensing devices called Wunderbar. You can stock it with a 4, 5, or 6-liter keg in your choice of 300 brands of draft beer, and if you don't like the brewskis, you can cool off wine and soft drinks, too. But for us, we'll stick with our beers. Now if we could just find one of these babies here in the States pronto, we could use it for the big GizParty keg season.

Wunderbar is offered in your choice of three cooling methods: the low-end Cooler Party ($105) can't chill down drinks but can keep them cold using AA batteries for a beach party or picnic. The midrange kegger is the Cooler Thermo with a thermoelectric cooling system, and the high-end model is the Cooler Professional ($238) using quick compressor cooling just like a Sub-Zero refrigerator. This is getting us thirsty. Very, very thirsty.


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