X-Men Nightcrawler Cat Is Kind of a Dick

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What happens when a cat has the power to instantly teleport itself, and its owner, practically anywhere? Well, there’s near-death, followed by more near-death and more near-death... then food.

YouTuber Kaipo Jones (under the name Kaipotainment) has released his latest X-Men Cats video with Nightcrawler Cat, all about a kitty with the power of teleportation. Nightcrawler doesn’t exactly know how to use their superhuman abilities (unless their goal is to murder their owner), so they simply float around in the sky, getting their owner almost killed by an airplane. Then, dinner time.


You can check out the latest installment below. Several more X-Men cat videos are on Jones’ YouTube channel, along with cat videos for a variety of other superheroes (Deadpool Cat, anyone?). Just in case you thought you had plans for the weekend, you don’t anymore. Because X-Cats.