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X-Men Origins: Wolverine Is the Worst Possible Movie to Go to Prison Over

Illustration for article titled X-Men Origins: Wolverine Is the Worst Possible Movie to Go to Prison Over

Shit just got real in the War on Piracy with a US District Court judge handing out a year-long prison sentence to a New York resident for uploading a single, terrible movie.


To be fair, Gilberto Sanchez did somehow get his hands on an unfinished copy of the film that hadn't yet made it through post-production. He reportedly purchased it from an unknown street vendor in the Bronx and then uploaded it a month before it hit theaters, hence the stiff penalty.

"The federal prison sentence handed down in this case sends a strong message of deterrence to would-be Internet pirates," US attorney Andre Birotte Jr told The Hollywood Reporter. "The Justice Department will pursue and prosecute persons who seek to steal the intellectual property of this nation."


I can't begin to explain how unfathomably bad his idea was. What did he get out of this? A year in the clink. What did the public get out of this? A shitty version of a shitty film. And what did the US Attorney's office get out of this? Precedent. [Electronista]

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Gabriel Ortiz

Anybody besides me notice that Hugh Jackman (although a great guy and all) is too damn tall to be Wolverine? Wolverine is only supposed to be 5'3", NOT 6'2".

Also, Wolverine in the comics (especially the series that Jim Lee produced) is a real bass ass who's agile and fast as fuck. But in every Jackman movie, Wolverine only gets his ass beat badly — by everyone except the normal guys in the ring (X-men #1).

They need to get rid of those writers and get rid of Jackman and start over with a 5'3", stocky tough guy actor and portray Wolverine as the real short bad ass that he's supposed to be.