Xavix Stairstepper Concept: Run, Fatty!

Xavix is infamous for trying to bridge videogaming and exercise with poorly-made interactive products. Their sports games like baseball and boxing have graphics on par with SNES, horrible audio, and limited interactivity. They also have lots of exercise-based games such as dancing and Jackie Chan Fitness. Through all the horrible products, there IS hope, though! Xavix showed me a concept stairstepping game with resistance and interactivity built in. Stepping is a great way to exercise, so you'll actually benefit from this. One of the games makes you step faster to fill up a beer mug. Both amusing and healthy for you, the stairstepper could be a great product when finally released in 2006. Just don't sprain your ankle or anything or it's back to Xavix Bowling, and that's just not cool, man.


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