xBot: Xbox 360 Auto Gamer

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We've heard of the rubber band trick, but the xBot takes the cake for most gamer point-obsessed device known to man. Instead of sitting through the 2,000 matches necessary to procure the final 60GP in Perfect Dark Zero, one gamer refashioned an Erector Set to play for him, earning points while he rediscovered the outside.


But by "play" we really mean "hits two buttons every once in a while to keep the matches going". Version 1.0 is decent, but let us know when 2.0 (better known as the Travis Hudson GoW Fragging Edition) is up and running. Hit the jump for some exciting video of the xBot in action. And by "exciting" we really mean "you know it won't be from the description but you need to check it out anyway".

The xBot [via game stooge]


gamer points are earned via specific events, be it killing 10,000 zombies in dead rising or playing 2000 matches in perfect dark. Those obsessed with getting all the gamer points would want this. Anyone else, well, they know gamer points are like pride, its nice but it don't pay the bills.