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After Microsoft's fall dashboard update promised to bring 1080p into your living rooms, a many people were dismayed over problems like screen tearing when using a VGA connection. Enough that Microsoft quickly promised another dashboard update to fix this one. That update landed today.


The good news? It reported "improved support for HD video output over VGA", along with improving wired headset performance and the recently played games list. The bad news? It didn't actually fix the VGA problem.

Still, despite the update's promise of "improved support for HD video output over VGA, including 1080p resolution" this blogger still encounters a significant (and certainly abnormal) amount of screen tearing while using the VGA connection, not to mention the pale, washed-out colors that have become emblematic of the 360's VGA implementation. But we're not the only ones with problems. A quick perusal of the AVS Forums thread shows some other anomalies that don't instill much confidence in Microsoft's upgraded upgrade.


You can go ahead and update your 360 in order to improve your headset performance, but it looks like there needs to be an update for this update as well. Kinda makes you glad you're too poor to get a 1080p set? No? It doesn't?

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