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Xbox 360 HD DVD Interface Preview

Illustration for article titled Xbox 360 HD DVD Interface Preview

This is only a preliminary design, but these pics are what the Xbox 360 team are looking at for integrating the HD DVD with your internal DVD drive in the UI. Looks pretty straightforward. Similar to the design that the current DVD has.


We wonder if we're going to be able to play games in the HD DVD drive as well. Keeping two games queued up for easy switching would mean less trips to the 360. Yes, we're lazy.

More on the HD-DVD player from Major Nelson [Gamerscoreblog]

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More importantly, on the latest Major Nelson podcast, they announced that they (Major Nelson and some "experts") have no plans whatsoever to support HDMI, and even derided it, as if HDMI support is ridiculous.

I find this greatly amusing as I believe Major Nelson has made fun of Sony in the past regarding their PS3's cheaper SKU lacking HDMI. Clearly this is a cheap marketing attempt at making up for the 360's inability to support HDMI.

Major Nelson is like the racist guy you know who prefixes his terrible comments with "I'm not Racist but...", or in his case "I work for Microsoft and hate sony but..."