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Xbox 360 Played on Dallas Cowboys' 11,200 Square Foot Screen

Illustration for article titled Xbox 360 Played on Dallas Cowboys 11,200 Square Foot Screen

The current largest video screen in the world, in the Dallas Cowboys stadium, measures an insane 159x71 feet. Feet! And what better way to show that immensity off than by playing a little Gears of War?


Apparently the gamer who masterminded this hedonistic joyride was Steve Fatone, brother of *NSYNC's Joey and music video director for luminaries like, um, the Jonas Brothers. So maybe his taste in music is suspect, but we think we just might get along with him anyway, after this indulgence. [Engadget]

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Greg Lloyd

Honestly, this is no different than sitting 3.5 feet away from my big screen LCD. There's just a point where you either feel like you're in the game, or you don't. And although that screen is awesomely huge, it's too far above and away to generate that feeling.

Ya know?