Xbox 360 Price Cuts Arrive in Australia, US Probably Following Soon

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Normally we'd skip over Australia-only news, but the official Xbox 360 price cuts there most likely means those rumors of a drop in the US are pretty much locked in for sure (even if the European price reduction a few months ago didn't cross over). Kotaku says all three models got slashed, "with the Arcade down $50 to AUD$349, the Pro down a whopping $180 to AUD$499 and the Elite down $80 to AUD$649." With the new sticker of $349, the Xbox 360 Arcade is actually cheaper than the Wii, which is $400. Toilet flushing and the seasons aren't the only things backwards down there now. [Xbox AU via Kotaku]




Did you hear that?...

That was the sound of Sony's heart (and stock) falling and breaking into a million little pieces...

Poor poor Sony, and after the news that they've lost something to the tune of 3 Billion selling their PS3 at a loss since it's debut (which it may or may not earn back?!?..)! Now comes this. Can they afford to cut the price of the PS3 any more than they already have to keep the lead in sales over the Xbox 360 they've begun to enjoy since the beginning of the year?

Don't get me wrong, I own a PS3. Though I have to admit that I'm new to the whole next gen thing with it. I just bought my PS3 a few weeks ago the day MGS4 came out, and no I don't own a Wii or Xbox 360... In light of all of the news I keep hearing about Sony's financial woes I'm beginning to get a little concerned with my recent $500 investment. I can still remember my friends years ago encouraging me to buy a PS1 over the Saturn, and then a PS2 over the Dreamcast and Gamecube due to Sony's domination of those console generations at the time as the #1 one console manufacturer. Snorting and rolling my eyes each time, I ignored them and bought me a Sega and Nintendo on every occasion anyways just to get stuck with a piece of hardware that was abandoned early with little to no software support from third party developers... Learning my lesson after the Saturn, Dreamcast, and Gamecube debacle, which I all eBayed, I bought myself a PS2 a few years ago which I've used up until recently when I upgraded to my PS3 (taking my whole PS1 and PS2 library with me!). After all of those instances I vowed to only buy the console that would be in it for the long run, which I figured would be Sony's. Safe bet, right? I want all of the bang I can get for my buck, and everyone said it's the way to go. Did I mention that I also own a PSP? Don't get me started on that little sucker ("State of the PSP", google it. Where are the games Sony? You better make some big announcements at E3...), anyhow, Sony you're now officially on notice! Get your act together! I want lots of games and more firmware updates to ensure my $500 investment last for years to come!...

Maybe this is my fault. I did buy it early, and knowing my track record with choosing consoles maybe I'm to blame... :(