XCM Rumble Joystick Gives PS3 the Quakes

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XCM is building the world's first rumbling joystick. You know, like a Street Fighter IV Tournament Stick, but with the shakes.


Other that the vibration functions, it's a pretty typical arcade stick, featuring turbo modes and four memory buttons that can be programmed with complicated stick/button maneuvers reaching up to 20 steps apiece. (That's like the whole Konami Code in one button press.)

It doesn't look like the stick is on sale just yet, but what do you think, have you been missing the impact of a full-out Hadouken on your fingertips? [XCM]



I dunno, I intentionally disable rumble for fighting games. And, at least for street fighter, I don't really see the point in having memory buttons. I mean, with the input leniency in SF4, no single move is particularly difficult to pull off, and longer strings of moves is risky if the first one gets blocked.